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Why should I see a doctor?

The first thing doctor will be able to help with is a continence assessment. This just involves a chat with a health professional about your symptoms so they can get to the bottom of what might be causing your bladder and bowel concerns. Continence assessments aren’t ever invasive or embarrassing. Nothing will ever be done without your consent. It’s just the first step in finding out what treatments will work best for you.

Once the doctor learns more about what you’re experiencing they can give you the right support to help treat your incontinence. Sometimes they introduce you to another health professional who is specially trained to help your specific needs. With the right treatment, you’ll feel better about how to manage your condition or, in some cases, even overcome your issues altogether.

Some common treatments are:

If you’ve never seen a doctor about your bladder and bowel control before then it’s very likely you’ll see some fast improvements once you start your treatment.

Doctors and other health professionals are the best people to see for your bladder and bowel needs. They’ll give you a solid treatment plan, answer all your questions, and give you heaps of tips to help you manage incontinence. Remember: Doctors help loads of people every day. You’re never alone, they’re here to support you.

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