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Sport, sleepovers & school camps

There are some activities that can increase your chances of experiencing incontinence. You might need to think about which sports you enjoy and which sports are right for you.
Being worried about having an accident while playing sport can make you feel like you don’t want to have a go, but being active is an important part of being healthy. It’s also a great way to meet new people and have some fun.
You should speak to your doctor about the best ways for you to manage incontinence while being active, but here’s a few helpful strategies to think about:

  • Try and go to the toilet before you start to play
  • Tailor your fluid intake around exercise
  • If you take medication, take some before exercise
  • Try some continence products

Sleepovers and school camps
Staying the night at a friend’s place or school camp can be the first time you’re away from your parents and having to deal with incontinence experiences on your own. Here’s some tips to help you feel more confident when you’re staying away from home:

  • Have a trusted teacher or friend’s parent that is aware of your issue as your go-to support person.
  • Practise being as independent as possible at home when it comes to things like cleaning yourself up and throwing away used continence products.
  • Bring your supplies – things like pads, liners, a disposal bag or whatever you think you need to make yourself feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Prepare for how you would deal with an incontinence episode during a sleepover or school camp. Think about where the bathrooms are, practise how you would dispose your used continence products in a more private way or how you might let your support person know if you need a hand.

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